Liri Fluid API

Deploying Fluid applications

Deployment of Fluid applications is very similar to deployment of Qt Quick Controls 2 applications.

Fluid uses the Qbs build system, but at the moment this doesn't support Android and iOS deployments so we added support for QMake.

The easiest way to use Fluid for Linux desktop projects is to install a Linux distribution package, but if you want to support Android and iOS as well as Windows you should use qmake and take a look at the minimalqmake example in the examples/perproject/minimalqmake.

This is called the "per-project installation".

Create a directory for your project that we call minimalqmake and inside clone Fluid:

  mkdir minimalqmake
  cd minimalqmake
  git clone -b master

Now copy the project file and src/ directory from the example.

Material Design icons can either be installed alongside the Fluid.Controls QML plugin (the default), or be embedded into the resources.

Pass CONFIG+=fluid_resource_icons to qmake in order to embed icons into the resources.