Liri Fluid API

Action QML Type

Represents an action shown in an action bar, context menu, or list. More...

Import Statement: import Fluid.Controls 1.1


Detailed Description

One of the most common uses of actions is displaying actions in the action bar of a page using the Page::actions property. See the example for Page for more details.

Actions may contain Action::text, an QQuickAction::icon, a toolTip and a Action::shortcut.

  FluidControls.Action {
      id: copyAction
      text: qsTr("&Copy")
      icon.source: FluidCore.Utils.iconUrl("content/content_copy")
      shortcut: StandardKey.Copy
      onTriggered: window.activeFocusItem.copy()

Property Documentation

hasDividerAfter : bool

Set to true to display a divider after the control bound to this action.

This property is false by default.

hoverAnimation : bool

Set to true to rotate the icon 90 degrees on mouseover.

This property is false by default.

toolTip : string

The tool tip displayed for the action.

visible : bool

Set to false to hide the action in the UI.

This property is true by default.