Liri Fluid API

FloatingActionButton QML Type

A floating action button. More...

Import Statement: import Fluid.Controls 1.1


Detailed Description

A floating action button represents the primary action of the current page and is used for a promoted action.

It is a push button with rounded corners and an icon in the center.

  import QtQuick 2.10
  import Fluid.Core 1.0 as FluidCore
  import Fluid.Controls 1.0 as FluidControls

  Item {
      FluidControls.FloatingActionButton {
          anchors.centerIn: parent
          icon.source: FluidCore.Utils.iconUrl("device/airplanemode_active")
          mini: false

For more information you can read the Material Design guidelines.

Property Documentation

mini : bool

Floating action button comes in two sizes:

  • Default (56x56 pixels): default size for most use cases
  • Mini (40x40 pixels): only used to create visual continuity with other screen elements

This property holds whether the floating action button size is Mini or not.

By default it is true if screen width is less than 460 pixels.