Liri Fluid API

SearchBar QML Type

Provides a searchbar, that supports autocompletion and displays search results using cards. More...

Import Statement: import Fluid.Controls 1.1




Detailed Description

Property Documentation

cardWidth : int

The width of the search card. By default the search bar centers in the parent with a margin of 64 each side

[read-only] expanded : bool

Whether the SearchBar is currently open

persistent : bool

Whether the SearchBar is persistent or expandable

searchPlaceHolder : string

The string to display when the search field is empty

searchResults : model

The model containing the search results

searchSuggestions : model

The suggestions to display.

See also SearchBar::suggestionTextRole and SearchBar::suggestionDelegate.

searchText : string

The current search text in the search bar typed in so far.

searchTextFont : font

The font of text in search TextInput box

This property was introduced in Fluid.Controls 1.1.

suggestionDelegate : Component

The delegate item for the suggestion list view.

See also SearchBar::searchSuggestions.

suggestionTextRole : string

The model type that contains the text to display in the suggestion delegate

See also SearchBar::searchSuggestions.

suggestionsHeight : int

The viewable area of the suggestions list until it begins scrolling.

waveColor : color

The background color of the expanded search bar.

Signal Documentation


Is emitted, when the user searches for a query. The query parameter contains the search query as string. Use this signal to provide search results.

Method Documentation

void close()

Closes the search bar

void open()

Opens the search bar