Liri Fluid API

CircleImage QML Type

Circular image. More...

Import Statement: import Fluid.Controls 1.1


Detailed Description

An Image with a CircleMask.

Property Documentation

asynchronous : bool

Specify whether the image should be loaded asynchronously.

See also Image::asynchronous.

cache : bool

Specify whether the image should be cached.

See also Image::cache.

fillMode : enumeration

Set this property to define what happens when the source image has a different size than the item.

See also Image::fillMode.

source : url

URL of the image to load.

See also Image::source.

sourceSize : size

Actual width and height of the loaded image.

See also Image::sourceSize.

status : enumeration

  • Image.Null - no image has been set
  • Image.Ready - the image has been loaded
  • Image.Loading - the image is currently being loaded
  • Image.Error - an error occurred while loading the image

Status of the image loading.

See also Image::status.