Liri Fluid API

ListItem QML Type

A standard list item, with one or more lines of text and optional left and right items. More...

Import Statement: import Fluid.Controls 1.1


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

dividerInset : int

How many pixels the divider is from the left border. This property is set to the leftItem width by default.

See also Fluid.Controls::ListItem::showDivider and Fluid.Controls::ListItem::leftItem.

leftItem : Item

Item to show on the left.

maximumLineCount : int

Maximum number of text lines allowed to show.

rightItem : Item

Item to show on the right.

secondaryItem : Item

Secondary item.

showDivider : bool

This property holds whether the divider is shown or not. Default value is false.

subText : string

Text to display below text.

valueText : string

Value text.