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Liri Developers Documentation


Liri uses Qt, a cross-platform framework, to build apps and libraries.

The IDE of choice is QtCreator a cross-platform IDE dedicated to development with Qt.

All projects use the popular CMake build system.

Source code is managed with git and we use the git flow workflow.

This means, in a nutshell, that the latest released code is in the master branch while development happens in the develop branch.

Getting Started

Liri requires a recent version of Qt therefore we recommend to develop on Arch Linux, because it is a great distro for developers and the software is always up to date.

Some distributions like Ubuntu have very old Qt copies. If you cannot switch to Arch Linux, please consider installing the binaries provided by The Qt Company.

Download the online installer and install both Qt and QtCreator. However keep in mind that the binaries provided by The Qt Company do not have QtWayland, this means that you will not be able to develop Liri Shell.

Head over to the Contributor Guide for more information on how to set everything up.

Getting in touch

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Mastodon, Chat via or IRC to keep updated.