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Design Philosophy

What Design Is Not

Before getting into the details we need to clarify what design is about.

  1. Design is not something you can add later. Design is an integral part of building something. It's not just colors and fonts, design is how things work. When you add a button to your application, that is design. You made a decision to add a button with a particular label, icon, location and size. The decisions you make are designs.

  2. Design is not an opinion Design is testable, therefore one design will meet a specific goal better than another one. Design is about solving a specific problem and so you can objectively compare the effectiveness of two designs at solving those problems.

Starting with the fundamentals

Liri strives to provide a beautiful but unique and user friendly experience to the user. Before you begin designing your application, get fully acquainted with the environment.

Understanding the interior of Liri will aid you in producing an application that integrates seamlessly with the desktop environment and is enjoyable to the user.

Most individuals are not acquainted with the concepts or principles of human interface design, but they can easily identify which applications follow the guidelines and which applications stray from them.

Become familiar with Liri and the fundamental principles contained within the human interface guidelines so that you can integrate them into your design to create the most user-friendly application possible.