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Project management

  • GitHub issues on each repository for detailed issue tracking
  • GitHub issues on the lirios repository for general issue tracking and tasks
  • ZenHub for enhanced issue tracking with Scrum/Kanban approach
  • Slack for team communication
  • Google Groups mailing list
  • Google Docs for big picture collaborative docs

Decisions and conflict resolution

  • Need to find a healthy way to resolve conflicts if we disagree
  • Adapt governance model to the Qt Governance Model
  • Use a contribution agreement that would allow us to relicense under another Free Software License blessed by OSI or FSF without contacting tons of people (I want to avoid this We won’t ask for copyright assignment and under no circumstances we’ll be able to make the code proprietary.


  • Use semantic versioning
  • Liri OS MVP will start at version 0.9.0 since the shell and workspace code comes directly from Hawaii that reached 0.8.0
  • How do we version all the libraries, etc? Do we use the same version for each project and release everything at once?